WPClipart Home WPClipart is a robust collection of high-quality artwork and photos optimized for use in word processors and inkjet printers. This page details the useful (but not necessary) companion application WPClipper.
WPClipart includes a useful (though not necessary) viewer and editor called "WPClipper." It can browse the downloaded collection (or virtually any images on your machine) and filter, adjust, tilt, show any at full-size and most importantly, then copy them to the clipboard to paste into a word processor or another graphics editing application.

The installer for Windows has no other system dependencies (in other words, you do not need Python or the GTK toolkit on your machine to install it.) One big note, however, if you intend to download the WPClipart collection, then don't bother to get the viewer separately -- it comes with the Windows installer for the clip art collection. (See the general Downloads page.)

For more information and the help pages for the wpclipart viewer and editor --

wpclipper help pages

WPClipper running on Absolute Linux*

wpclipart viewer

There are several advantages to using WPClipper to browse downloaded images (rather than looking over the thumbnails or icons as you peek in directories . . . )

  • wpclipper is quick
  • has a nice size thumbnail display (up to 240x240 pixels) -- in their original proportions
  • Shows "Full-Size" image at click of a button in a separate window, then just clicking the full-sized window anywhere makes it disappear. (This might not sound important, but it makes "checking things out" VERY fast)
  • Thumbnail images are displayed, when resized/filtered/rotated, in their original proportions
  • you can copy the image (the full size) to the clipboard to paste into another program (word processor or image editor)
  • Send image directly to a grahics editor (On Windows it will open your default editor, on Linux you have your choice between Gimp, XV, or Imagemagick, if any are installed.
  • PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG (including Exif) images are supported
  • images can be viewed, saved and converted or filtered/rotated/enhanced

On Linux
  On Linux, you often cannot (when not using KDE or Gnome) get images into the clipboard to use in apps like AbiWord, OpenOffice or the Gimp. Simply by keeping wpclipper open, these apps can be pasted into without resorting to tedious file dialog searches And, of course, with the simple editing features, you can avoid the need to open up a full-blown image editing program..

  I programmed wpclipper with Python/GTK. Dependencies should not be a problem on most Linux systems as Python and GTK are almost always present. There is sometimes the need to install PIL (Python Imaging Library). You will need, specifically


The use of the little app is fairly self-explanatory . . . by clicking on the "wpclipper" in the wpclipart/viewer directory (or more easily, by making a symlink or shortcut to that file) wpclipper will open with its search tree open to the clipart directory.

Other Notes
The Windows binary (wpclipper.exe) comes with teh WPClipart installer. There is also an installer for the wpclipper without the clip art. The source (wpclipper.py) is included in the bz2-compressed version of wpclipart, as well as being included in the package built for Absolute Linux.

  If used without the clipart, wpclipper will open in your home (My Documents) directory.

Below is a screenshot of the clipper running on Windows Vista. (Older build of the clipper...)

WPClipper on Vista

* WPClipart and the wpclipper program were developed on and deployed from Absolute Linux