Prehnite radial fibers on Aragonite

Pectolite radial fibers with Prehnite

Thaumasite with Prehnite hydrous Calcium Carbonate Sulfate and Silicate


Hubnerite tablets and fibers

Hydrohetaerolite delicate fibers

Ulexite continuous optically active fibers

Okenite radial cluster of fibers with Apophyllite

Pyrophyllite clusters of radial fibers

Wavellite radial fibers

bushel picking basket

pen nib

anime princess

bells and holly 3 color

letter D

October 02

Bull Thistle with Halictid bee


Arizona bark scorpion glowing under uv light

Giraffe painter

avatar mask

Woodland Sunflower Helianthus divaricatus

painter palette

coyote looking 2