Indians Travelling halftone

Indians and a Captive

Washington among Creek Indians

Hudson feasting with Indians

Macouchi Indians

Taensa Indians Receiving La Salle

Indians fishing near Fort

Marquette and the Indians

Comanche Indians Chasing Buffalo

Osceola and Four Seminolee Indians

execution of 38 Sioux Indians 1862

Tipis of Plain Indians

Indians gathering nuts

indians attacking a stage coach

Five Indians and a Captive

Indians massacre 347 pilgrims Jamestown BW

Pawnee Indians migrating

Missouria Otoe and Ponca Indians

Dancing Secotan Indians

Bison Dance of the Mandan Indians 2

Tuscororas Indians tracking fugitives

Indians scalp and mutilate

massacre of Indians in Idaho 1800s

Virginians defending from indians