Artists that have contributed
clip art or photographs
Image Donations
Those kind and skilled enough to donate images to WPClipart are listed below.

If you are an artist/photographer, please consider donating image(s) to the public domain... I might even be able to get you a little traffic by linking from this artists page!

Yanito Freminoshi
Freemazes Blogspot

yanito is a Japanese artist with a focus on creating "Maze Art" and has been the driving force behind the Free Mazes Project. Below are a couple mazes he sent in to WPClipart:

Owen Ransen
Ransen Software

A programmer who creates art with the software he writes. Here are a couple of the seamless tiles he donated to the public domain:

Diane Holmes

An artist from South Africa who donated some excellent animal drawings, including the excellent dolphin below:

Charles Maxwell

An Emmy award-winning underwater cameraman who has done work for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and others. I discovered his work by researching the origin of the much-publicized " Shark attacks helicopter " fake news story image that was created using one of his photographs. [Thumbnail below, click image to see the full-sized image within the WPClipart collection.]
His website includes examples of both video and still photography. Mr. Maxwell was quite pragmatic when asked about the use of the image in WPClipart, noting that the faked image had brought him a lot of publicity. He even agreed to let us use something else of his in the collection. (Pix on the right.)
Visit his site for these and many other images, along with very cool anecdotes describing what was going on while he photographed: http://www.underwatervideo.co.za/image-library/pics.asp

Summer Fey Foovay
She used to have a whole gallery of clip art she created that was donated to the public domain, but sadly, trying to generate any type of income from such PD efforts did not work out for S. F. Foovay.

Her current homepage is: http://summerfeyfoovay.com/

Luckily for us the following was still posted on a squidoo page of hers:
santa cap girl holding gift

Update: She recently tracked us down (she had some visitors to her site come from WPClipart...) and she kindly sent me a whole slew of wonderful canine clip art she released into the public domain. Too many to show here, but here are a couple -- VERY nice, hand-drawn artwork (thank you, Summer):

Paul Sherman
Now where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, that's me.
Hate to toot my own horn, but I am the largest contributer... I have several hundred plant and animal photographs posted here, most of the "page frames" section is original/composite stuff I created, and every single image here at WPClipart was edited, to some degree by me for size, color, print-ability or just tweaked to improve and also render in different formats. Plus all the other clips I've made and posted.

I spend, on average, several hours every day working on the site. Most often editing images. I was a full-time photographer for about 12 years, most of it working for a newspaper. My photography these days revolves around nature and my love of hiking. I do a lot of macro work.

Click the butterfly picture to see the image I donated to the Public Domain here at wpclipart.
Try natureplanetwallpaper for a larger version (not PD)
(Maximize your browser and click "Clean Picture" to view best...)

Here are links to some of my other websites:

Images I take while hiking in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

My homage and payback to the GIMP image editor.
Includes help tips, script-fus and patterns and brushes to download.

Absolute Linux.
My own little Slackware-based Linux distro.
Download and play, if you dare!

And finally, if you are in need of computer repair,
and you live near Erwin, Tennessee, visit my page at:

Kathleen Peirce
She wrote:
"I recently started a clipart website that is a collection of my vector-based drawings. I provide PDF, WMF and PNG versions of all of the drawings. The drawings on my website are royalty-free, though I do include a Creative Commons 3.0 license -- basically the drawings are free to use and share as long as they stay free to use and share - and any restrictions in the license can be waived by me.
 If you care to include this in your collection, you would have my permission to distribute it as you see fit, with no restrictions. You do not need to directly attribute this drawing to me, but a link to my website would be really nice:

Kathleen donated the image of George Washington Carver

. . . and I talked her into letting me use another from her collection, because her use of colors and shading -- while keeping the tonal range one that is both bold and printable -- really impressed me on several of the images she has on her site. She has some truly exceptional images, including the one I asked for:
You can view and use the full-sized girl_jumprope.png, now at the top of the recreation section.

Ian Macky
PAT Country Maps Script-generated country maps with great detail but of a modest file size. These he contributed to the public domain, and even has them downloadable as a single file.
antarctica map
His page linked below has the 171 coutries layed out alphabetically, in GIF format, great for use on web or for overheads. The images I edited for WPClipart were just lighted (substituted for most of the black sections) to make them easier to print.


Graeme Rainsbury
He has several photos which can be seen at stock.xchng:

He wrote:
"These are Eastern grey kangaroos that are usually found in or near bushland, not out on the plains."

Scaled-down reproduction (original was much larger, detailed and atmospheric) is on animals/K/kangaroo and is named "kangaroo_graemes".

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